Corporate Identity

PRINT Lithogramma
PAPER Perraki
(Business Cards) Georgios Soumelidis
(Letterheads and Envelopes) Panic Eye

Paper is an inspiration in Graphic Arts. It was paper that played the leading part in designing my personal business cards. I met red and blue color in their most vivid version on Curious/Matter. Its value lies both in its colors and texture which enhances the final result. Two symbols were conceptually combined with corresponding colours. Die-cutting reveals the image of the monogram behind them which was printed mirrored on white paper.

The rest of the corporate identity is made up of business cards. Stamps were designed to print the company details on non-typed letterheads and envelopes. The mark the stamp’s ink leaves on the paper combines aesthetically with the untamed, special style of Curious/Matter. The colour of the ink was designated the red and blue of the corporate identity.