Notions, Kapon Editions
Publication Design

The poetic collection “Notions” by Vassilis Christakis (KAPON Editions) was designed with exceptional care to reflect the poet’s spirit and disposition, offering to the reader a complete work of art.

The choices made add to the classic design of a poetic collection and enhance the emotional experience to complement the written work. Such choices were supported and highlighted by a masterly typographical production. Special paper in terms of “look and feel” was selected to reflect the depth of the language. Twice, in two separate pages, a poem and a decorative design slow down the reader in two particular poems. These “interventions” are two embossments on the same paper as the rest of the collection, which become obvious slowly, under close scrutiny, in the same slow pace that the reader approaches the poetic world, and seek to interact with the corpus itself. The collection starts with a cover featuring an original typographical composition, so designed to communicate the style of the collection’s content and provide hints regarding the poetic world that follows.