Naming, Logo Design
Menu Design

Giorgos Oikonomou

Chalkidiki is one of the most beautiful summer destinations in Greece. Kilometers of golden beaches, interrupted by bays, rocks and cliffs, offer a holiday with different lifestyle options, depending on the location. At the first “finger” of the Chalkidiki peninsula, which is a massive touristic attraction renowned for its intense entertainment, a new seaside space opened its doors in the summer of 2017.

The case of this new space-bar requested a list of objectives, such as naming, logo design and the food and beverages catalogue. Choosing the name "KOKTELO" led to the formation of a monogram that reminds of, what else? A cocktail. The letter "K" is shaped by a line that expands and forms stripes that illustrate both a straw and a pair of wooden summer chaises longues. The menu consists of two distinct directories with a common bookbinding, where A4 size cards, folded to different sides for each item, provided the solution for the separate presentation of food and beverages. The whole binding process took place with extra care, so that when the customer holds the catalogue in his hands, feels extra pampered and that every single cocktail or other menu suggestion is prepared with the exact same care.