Kapani Project 2016

Kapani Project
Logo Design

Alexandros Oikonomidis

The KAPANI PROJECT is a fresh and multidimensional cultural action in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece. Kapani, the city's oldest market was in its heyday the point of reference for trading life in Thessaloniki. As a creative reaction to the gradual demise of the market, the project holds Kapani out again as a place of interaction where tradition meets creativity, society and professional mobility. Amongst the many fish, fruits, odours, fabrics, aromas, colours and traditions, musicians, actors and conjectural artists collaborate with Kapani's tradespeople, against the backdrop of the traditional open air stalls and the market's bustling lanes -they experiment and co-create.

With the symbol of the "K-megaphone", which runs throughout the action's campaign, we captured the image of the city's oldest market with the new cultural action that would be performed in interaction with it. Just as the stallholders in Kapani lure us in with their loudest voices to buy their ware, the KAPANI PROJECT invites the city's residents and visitors to follow musicians, actors, and artists, and to create a new world inside the old one bursting with energy and imagination. The image is completed by clear, striking colours, colours that will stay with you once you've left Kapani.