Impro Jazz | 2010

Impro Jazz, Poster Design, Brochure Design, Thessaloniki Concert Hall, Music, Thessaloniki Graphic Design, Visual Communication

Impro Jazz | 2010
Poster Design, Brochure Design

CLIENT Thessaloniki Concert Hall


In a Thessaloniki Concert Hall production, a three-day jazz improvisation was put on under the artistic oversight of Floros Floridis, with the participation of top international names who experimented, collaborated and entered into lively discussion. These included Savina Yiannatou, Nicky Skopelitis and Jan Roder.

The poster for Impro Jazz was designed to keep its expressive title centre stage. Sound is illustrated with pulsating electric lines evolving organically but at the same time interlocking and forming clear shapes. The black background intensifies the colours and enhances the chosen style. The same lines run through the printed brochure designed for the show.