Fantaxometocho Boutari | 2004

Fantaxometocho Boutari | 2004
Wine Label Design

CLIENT Boutari
DESIGN Andia Angelidou
PHOTOGRAPHY Georgios Soumelidis

Fantaxometocho is the name of the estate of the Boutaris wine-making family in Crete, and the name of the multi-award winning wine made from the white grape varieties in the estate’s vineyards. Malvasia Aromatica is harmoniously combined with Chardonnay and fruity Vilana, giving a truly unique result.

The suggestion for this outstanding wine was its own symbol, making reference to the name of the estate as its home and at the same time, a visually commanding luxury bottle. Creating connotations of tradition and high value, the monogram of the Greek letter Φ (F) became the label’s central visual element. It was printed transparently to emphasise its geometry, leaving the wine itself to function as the backdrop.