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I continue to enjoy designing business cards, when amazing people I know ask me for them. What they have in common is their passion for their work and their special relationship with it.

This is the case with the artist Chryssoula Papadaki, the choir contructor Sophia Gioldasi and the lawyer Yianna Andronikidou. For all three, the typographic techniques were integrated into the end results of the red “sold” dot, the dispersal of sound from a tuning fork, and the lawyer’s signature.

Robotixlab creates innovative robotics for museums and educational organisations.  Combining innovation, design and technology, the team breathes life into ideas based on experimentation and learning. Laser cutting, laminating and fluorescent colour combine in the business cards of those working at Robotixlab, who are nuts about DIY.

The Mount Athos Centre is a cultural body which carries out a variety of work around the study of, research into and promotion of Mount Athos and Byzantine culture. Its new business cards were designed with attention to detail. Superior triplex paper – the middle layer in the organisation’s brand colour – reflects its prestige and values.

For dietician Sevasti Metaxa, a clever idea was combined with the appropriate printing technique. Embossing on superior cotton paper brought to life the look and the whole idea for this dietician’s business card.