Blé Advertising Campaign | 2011

Blé Αdvertising Campaign| 2011

CONCEPT & DESIGN Andia Angelidou
COPYWRITING Christos Helmis

In Thessaloniki, Blé makes real bread and cakes. It travels through Greece and Europe picking up traditional recipes along the way. It also picks up ingredients, the best and most authentic. In its new shop which is starting up in the city, designed by the architects Claudio Silvestrin and Giullana Salmaso, the emphasis is on details and the creation of high quality exquisite flavours.

The design of the promotional campaign followed the opening of the new shop, with leaflets and listings in local newspapers and magazines, under the heading “stories of daily delight”. In the campaign, Belgian chocolate became a spy’s overcoat; the heavy, stuffed bread was placed on Atlas’s shoulders; and the profiteroles which magically disappeared from the display cases every day were loaded onto a witch’s broomstick. The protagonists among Blé’s flavours became the protagonists of its messaging.