Andia Angelidou is a designer. She works solo, creating for her clients as well as undertaking her own projects. She draws her inspiration from unexpected messages hidden in images and words. Quality and attention to detail are the main features of her work.

For ten years she worked full time for Colibri Branding and Design in Thessaloniki. Her work included graphic design, art and creative direction. She also gained considerable experience in branding and marketing strategy on completed long-term projects. She was responsible for supervising a wide variety of projects in areas such as the arts, publications, tourism, science, technology, education and gastronomy for individual clients, organizations and institutions.

She is a graduate of the Applied Art Studies College, Department of Graphic Design, in Thessaloniki, Greece.

She presented her installation “The StArt Concept” in the 2014 “Made in Thessaloniki #3” group exhibition, organized by the magazine “Parallaxi”.

In 2013 and 2014 she was a member of the animation judging committee at the International Film Festival NIFF (Digital Shorts), in Naoussa, Greece.

She is open to any new ideas and projects and will gladly discuss them with you. Do not hesitate to email her.

In her spare time she finds peace in the summer by the sea, in wintertime in the mountains and whatever the season in the warmth of her loved ones. She is a proud mother of a young man.


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